Families of School Shooting Victims Win Wrongful Death Suit

Families of School Shooting Victims Win Wrongful Death Suit

Charlotte NC Wrongful Death Lawyer Students at Virginia Tech will never be the same after the violent shooting that killed 30 people back in 2007. The university was sued by parents of the murdered students on a wrongful death claim. Had students been alerted immediately after the first shooting, lives could have been saved. There … Read more

Man Loses Arm in Work Accident

Charlotte NC Workers Compensation Lawyer Firefighters rushed to the Barnhardt Manufacturing Company in response to call that a man had his arm caught in one of the processing machines. The fire department said it took almost 30 minutes for the heavy rescue team to safely remove the man from the machine, he was then rushed … Read more

Woman Struck by Boat Propeller Loses Arm and Breasts

Charlotte NC Boat Accident Lawyer A 25 year old Charlotte woman was in a boating accident last summer and lost her breasts and an arm. She was seriously injured when a boat propeller struck her during the popular Lake Bash event on Lake Norman. The 25-year-old claims that while she was in the water the … Read more

Birth Injury

Charlotte NC Birth Injury Lawyer A midwifes settlement with the family, whose daughter was hospitalized for 21 days after her birth in January 2009 and now has cerebral palsy, was finalized last week and is described in court filings, since a judge must approve settlements reached on behalf of a minor. A midwife, also the … Read more

Wrongful Death

Charlotte NC Wrongful Death Lawyer A seventeen year old boy, died in a supermarket after a police officer shot him in the chest with a Taser Model X26 electronic control device in 2008. The parents of the boy filed a lawsuit against Taser International for failing to warn law enforcement officials that shooting their stun … Read more

Safe Driving Behaviors

Charlotte NC Car Accident Lawyer What a difference a day could make if motorists were to pick one day to curb bad driving behaviors throughout the country. Poor driving habits, after all, are what makes roadways dangerous for motorists and increases the chances for involvement in a car accident. Automobile safety improves each year with rapidly … Read more

Traumatic Brain Injuries in Children

Charlotte NC TBI Lawyer For years the scientific community has thought that children are not as likely to suffer the long-term effects of a brain injury as adults. Recent studies published in Pediatrics have shown that this may not be the case, children who suffer severe traumatic brain injuries can develop troubles with social, Medical … Read more