Bacterial Contamination from Pharmacy Robots

Bacterial Contamination from Pharmacy Robots

Charlotte NC Medical Malpractice Lawyer There is a significant rise in hospitals around the country that have begun implementing the use of robotic drug dispensers to prepare intravenous medications to be administered to patients, in a sterile environment. When there is a risk of contamination of the intravenous medication, a patient could be at a … Read more

Brain Injuries Prevalent in Teen Drivers

Charlotte NC TBI Lawyer Teen drivers are known to be one of the most at-risk groups for car accidents in general. Although overall car accident rates have declined over the past few years, car crashes continue to be the leading cause of traumatic brain injury-related deaths among teens.A new study indicates that teen victims of car … Read more

Motorcycle Helmets Linked to Hearing Loss

Charlotte NC Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Motorcyclists wearing helmets may be at risk of hearing loss, not from the loud noise of their motorcycle engine, but from the sound of the wind cutting through the helmet. A new study has been done that shows the need for greater research to produce safer helmets that don’t have any health effects. … Read more

Increase in Pedestrian Deaths

Charlotte NC Pedestrian Accident Lawyer In 2010, there was a record decrease in fatal vehicle accidents from the year prior. Unfortunately, the amount of fatal pedestrian accidents has increased. Across the United States in 2010 32,885 people died in auto accidents, this is the lowest traffic accident death numbers on record since 1949. Accident fatality … Read more