When Your Charlotte Personal Injury Lawyer Takes Your Personal Injury Case

Failure to Signal Results in Over 2 Million Accidents

Charlotte NC Car Accident Lawyer Although most of us admit to doing it, nearly everyone in Charlotte knows that distracted driving is quickly becoming the most common cause of vehicle crashes, serious injuries and death. Although roughly 950,000 car accidents can be tied in with distracted driving, a new study by the Society of Automotive … Read more

Evaluation of Wrongful Death Cases

Charlotte NC Wrongful Death Lawyer As wrongful death statues have different standards across the nation, you are advised to consult with a Charlotte wrongful death lawyer to find out exactly how much compensation you may be entitled to. Wrongful death claims by beneficiaries of the deceased Insurers usually begin evaluating the settlement of death claims … Read more

Millions of Baby Seats Recalled Due to Head Injuries

Charlotte NC TBI Lawyer Following well over 80 instances of infants falling out of their Bumbo Baby Seat and  many of them suffering skull fractures, the company has put out a nationwide recall of close to 4 million infant seats. The Consumer Product Safety Commission said the infants can slide out of the molded foam … Read more

What Jurors Want in Charlotte Medical Malpractice Cases

Charlotte NC Medical Malpractice Lawyer A qualified Charlotte medical malpractice attorney will be familiar with the nuances of jury expectation and predisposition at trial. The attorney will apply his or her knowledge of in presenting a case that best persuades to the jury.  Observing Medical Malpractice Cases Medical malpractice lawyers have observed juror tendencies by … Read more

Car Accident Defendants

Charlotte NC Car Accident Lawyer If you were injured in a car accident caused by someone else, your Charlotte auto accident lawyer must identify who or how many people were ultimately responsible. Consider all possible defendants Your Charlotte auto accident lawyer will consider all potential defendants as prospective sources of insurance coverage. The following are … Read more