What Are Independent Medical Exams

What Are Independent Medical Exams

Charlotte, NC Personal Injury Lawyer An increasingly common tactic in personal injury investigations is for insurers to request what are called independent medical examinations, or IMEs. These are becoming increasingly prevalent especially in cases involving soft-tissue injuries such a neck and back injuries, as your Charlotte personal injury law firm will tell you. Any Charlotte personal injury … Read more

Are You a Distracted Driver? Take this Test!

Charlotte NC Auto Accident Lawyer With technology booming the majority of people on the roads have a cell phone. Many of us are guilty of texting and driving, whether it is quickly glancing at your phone when it beeps or sending messages for your entire car ride, it is a distraction. To test your ability … Read more

Prior Injuries

Charlotte, NC Personal Injury Lawyer If you’ve been injured, you have enough to worry about without adding the concern of a prior injury. This is something your Charlotte injury attorney will know how to handle properly. To ease some of your anxiety, please review the information below about prior injuries and their potential impact on … Read more

How to Give Strong Deposition Testimony

Charlotte, NC Personal Injury Lawyer Giving strong testimony in your personal injury case can be done in a number of ways. It is not just about being a great public speaker who can move people with the sound of their voice. To help you give effective testimony, here are some simple rules and mistakes to … Read more

South Carolina Boating Season

Rock Hill SC Boat Accident Lawyer Spring is now upon us here in South Carolina and summer is just around the corner. Many of us are planning weekends camping, road trips to the beach and cook outs with friends. Keep in mind that during these times we need to think about safety. While out on … Read more