Recording Damages

Recording Damages

Charlotte, NC Personal Injury Lawyer While you may feel that your Charlotte personal injury lawyer has the expertise necessary to handle your case on his or her own, there are certain things that you can do to assist him or her. For example, you can help keep track of the damages that you have sustained since the … Read more

Case Evaluation

Charlotte, NC Personal Injury Lawyer Your Charlotte personal injury lawyer will explain how adjusters evaluate claims. Current Medical Bills Generally speaking, higher medical bills equate to a higher case value. However, adjusters may contest paying all of the bills if they believe that the value of services have been inflated or if the claimant went … Read more

What Is an Independent Medical Exam and How Will It Affect My Case?

Charlotte, NC Personal Injury Lawyer Many insurance companies are requesting that personal injury claimants undergo independent medical examinations, or IMEs, especially when it comes to cases involving soft-tissue injuries. Your Charlotte personal injury accidents lawyer will tell you that these examinations are really for the purpose of the insurance company and not independent, but that … Read more