Important Elements of a Wrongful Death Case

Important Elements of a Wrongful Death Case

Charlotte, NC Wrongful Death Lawyer Wrongful death law is applicable in tort cases where the defendant’s conduct has contributed to the death of the victim. The law compensates the surviving family members and dependents who bear economic and non-economic losses resulting from the death. These include medical expenses, funeral costs, loss of financial support, loss … Read more

Back to School: Pedestrian Safety Tips for Kids

Rock Hill SC Pedestrian Accident Lawyer As our children begin heading back to school we see many walking to school or to the bus stop. It is very important for pedestrians to be aware of safety precautions to take, especially for children who can be small and difficult to see. Facts: In the next 24 … Read more

What Expectant Parents Must Know About Birth Injuries

Rock Hill SC Birth Injury Lawyer Three percent of all children born in the United States have birth defects. Those who have suffered minor injuries recover completely after some time but others are incapacitated for life. Birth injuries can result from negligent and avoidable errors on the part of doctors, nurses or hospital staff. Parents … Read more

Your Rights & Responsibilities During a Medical Exam

Charlotte, NC Personal Injury Lawyer Your Charlotte personal injury attorney might warn you about something the insurance company might request from you: an independent medical examination. While this might raise certain questions in your mind, try to think about how this can help your case and establish that your claim is legitimate. Read on for … Read more

Evaluating Your Claim

Charlotte, NC Personal Injury Lawyer An insurance adjuster looks at many factors when they are evaluating your accident or personal injury claim. During their evaluation they will decide on an amount to offer to work out a settlement. Adjusters compare the auto accident and the medical records The first thing that an adjuster will probably … Read more

Seven Factors Affecting Dog Bite Case Value

Fort Mill SC Dog Bite Lawyer Not every dog bite case is worth the same. Depending upon the specifics of your case, you may be able to collect a significant amount of money. Talk to a personal injury attorney in Fort Mill and find out how much you stand to collect for your dog bite … Read more