Should There be Changes to North Carolina’s Dangerous Dog Law?

Should There be Changes to North Carolina’s Dangerous Dog Law?

  Charlotte, NC Personal Injury Lawyer A Cleveland woman is hoping to use her recent ordeal as a catalyst to encourage North Carolina to change the state’s dangerous dog law. Kadie Anderson and her two dogs were hiking in the woods of Graham County when she and her two dogs were attacked by several bear … Read more

What To Do When a Product is Recalled

Charlotte, NC Personal Injury Lawyer Kiddie is recalling nearly five million fire extinguishers sold online and at several national stores like Home Depot after reports that eleven Kiddie-brand extinguishers failed to discharge properly. This can obviously pose a risk to someone attempting to suppress a fire. Unfortunately, product recalls seem to be occurring with greater … Read more

Even Tripping at Work Can Be Compensated Through Workers’ Compensation

Charlotte, NC Workers’ Compensation Lawyer In two decisions handed down last month by the South Carolina Supreme Court, the court held that workers who suffer an injury at work – even if that same injury could have happened someone other than work – can receive workers’ compensation benefits.  In both cases, the injured plaintiffs had tripped … Read more

Childcare and Daycare Neglect

Charlotte, NC Personal Injury Lawyer NBC Charlotte is reporting this week that a daycare center in Rock Hill, South Carolina is under investigation after a child at the center came home with unexplained scratches and marks around his nose and eyes.  The child’s mother alleges her child also had inexplicable bruising and that an employee … Read more

Recovering Damages After a Chemical Spill

Charlotte, NC Personal Injury Lawyer A train derailed recently near Allendale, South Carolina, leaking some of the hazardous chemicals it was carrying. Although the spill did not result in any homes needing to be evacuated, a local plant was evacuated. In addition, two individuals on the train were injured. While this particular derailment did not appear … Read more

Injured on the Job?  File a Workers’ Compensation Claim

Charlotte, NC Workers’ Compensation Lawyer An injury at work can happen in any industry at any time. On Sunday, for example, a Columbia, South Carolina firefighter was injured when the fire truck in which he was riding overturned. The firefighter was taken to the hospital and was listed as being in stable condition. Workers’ compensation is available … Read more

Legalization of Marijuana May Increase Rates of “Driving While High”

A recent news story projected that it is likely that legalized possession of marijuana will make its way to North Carolina. Colorado and Washington already allow the recreational sale and use of marijuana, and Alaska and Oregon are planning to phase in legalization later this year. Not only this, but twenty-three states – including North … Read more

When You are Injured by a Public Employee

In a typical personal injury lawsuit, the defendant – the person or entity accused of negligently injuring another – is generally a private individual or business. But consider the recent story of Columbia Police Department investigator Tyrone Pugh. In the early morning hours of January 19, video footage emerged that appeared to show Pugh punching … Read more