A Charlotte Medical Malpractice Attorney Know What Adjusters Look For

A Charlotte Medical Malpractice Attorney Know What Adjusters Look For

Charlotte NC Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Problem #1: Your Story and the Doctor’s Do Not Match

No matter how badly you were hurt, if your medical records don’t match your story, you have a recipe for disaster. Adjusters look for discrepancies between what you claim caused your injury and what your doctor’s records say. Your Charlotte medical malpractice attorney will inform you concerning how claims representatives scrutinize your medical records, on the hunt for the following:

  • length and permanence of disability
  • whether you were you scarred or disfigured
  • pre-existing conditions or injuries
  • evidence of drug or alcohol use at the time of the accident
  • any other inconsistencies between your account of the accident and what the records show

Take a look at an example of how this might pose serious problems. Suppose you claim you injured your back in a car accident. However, your treating doctor’s records make no mention of this and, instead, reference that you reported slipping on some ice at the supermarket. Your Charlotte medical malpractice lawyer would likely be unable to explain this discrepancy to the adjuster’s satisfaction.

Problem #2: Out of Whack Medical Bills

Just like your Charlotte medical malpractice attorney, insurance adjusters have trained “noses” when reviewing injury claims. They look for medical bills that don’t pass the “smell test” for your type of injury. Soft tissue injuries (as opposed to say, broken bones) in particular raise suspicions. Here’s where your Charlotte medical malpractice lawyer can help. While they cannot guarantee settlement value, your Charlotte medical malpractice attorneys can preview your claim and help spot problems before the adjuster does.

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