What To Do After a Tractor-Trailer Collision

What To Do After a Tractor-Trailer Collision

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Estimates show that there are approximately 15.5 million commercial trucks in the United States, including about 2 million tractor-trailers. When a tractor-trailer is involved in a collision with a passenger car, the results can be devastating. The sheer size and weight of a tractor-trailer, combined with the fact that some of these vehicles transport hazardous materials and chemicals, means that a collision with one of these large vehicles often results in catastrophic injuries to the occupants of smaller cars or motorcycles. In 2012, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that a total of 3,921 people were killed and over 100,000 people were injured in large commercial truck collisions.

What Should I Do After a Tractor-Trailer Collision?

After a tractor-trailer collision, you may be disoriented and confused. You and your passengers may be seriously injured. While compensation for your injuries may be available, you should try to take the following actions in order to increase your chances at recovering damages.

  1. Seek medical attention and get evaluated. Obviously, if you or anyone in your car is injured, you should seek immediate medical care. But even if you or your passengers do not feel injured, a medical professional should still evaluate you and them as soon as possible. Sometimes symptoms of injuries are not immediately noticeable, and if you wait to see a medical professional, it may be more difficult to prove that your injuries were in fact a result of the collision.
  2. Get the tractortrailer driver’s information. At the very least, try to obtain the driver’s license information, his or her insurance information, and the trucking company for which he or she works.
  3. Obtain witness statements and record your own statement. If there are other people around who saw the accident, be sure to obtain their names, their contact information, and (if possible) the details of what they saw. Try also to make notes about what you remember of the accident. These details can be important later when trying to prove your case.
  4. Contact a personal injury attorney to preserve evidence and protect your rights. As soon as possible, you should contact the experienced personal injury attorneys at Bice Law LLC. Commercial freight companies have experienced attorneys on their side to minimize their liability. Your personal injury attorney can help ensure important evidence is preserved, such as the driver’s log books and the “black box” computer that records important measurements about the tractor trailer prior to the accident.

Recovery of Compensation Depends on a Showing of Fault

Both North Carolina and South Carolina are “fault” states when it comes to tractor-trailer accidents. This means that the at-fault party – the one that caused the accident – bears responsibility for injuries that result from the crash. But if you are unable to show that the tractor-trailer driver was at fault for the accident, you may find that you are unable to recover any damages for your injuries. Your personal injury attorney can discuss with you the evidence and statements available to help you win your case and obtain compensation for your injuries. Contact Bice Law, LLC at 877-BICE-877 for a free consultation today.

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The personal injury firm of Bice Law will examine your case to determine the type and amount of damages that your injury warrants, including payments for medical expenses, lost income, pain and suffering, and any permanent disability.  We’ll determine whether an out-of-court settlement or trial is the best strategy to obtain maximum benefits for you or your family. If you have suffered injury or harm because of someone else’s actions, take the first step to protect your legal rights – contact the personal injury firm of Bice Law serving both North and South Carolina. You only have a limited time after your injury to file a claim, so act quickly.  Call 877-BICE-877 today or submit an online request  to get a free consultation with a  personal injury attorney. We serve families across both North Carolina and South Carolina.

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