A Charlotte Wrongful Death Attorney Explains Why Your Case Might Not Settle

Charlotte, NC Wrongful Death Lawyer

If your loved one has died in an accident, you probably hope to avoid filing a lawsuit. As your Charlotte wrongful death attorney can explain, sometimes a lawsuit is necessary if the insurance company will not agree to settle.

Top Reasons Why Settlement Negotiation Breaks Down

Though your Charlotte wrongful death lawyer will do everything he can to facilitate settlement, sometimes the insurance company just won’t budge. Some of the biggest roadblocks to settlement are as follows:

  1. No Meeting of the Minds—If the amount the adjuster wants to pay for your claim is simply too low, your Charlotte wrongful death attorney will likely recommend filing suit.
  2. Not Our Fault—Sometimes, the insurance company does not agree regarding who caused the injury. If the adjusters insist that either you or someone besides their policyholder is at fault, they will likely refuse to settle with your Charlotte wrongful death attorney.
  3. No Injury—If the adjuster doubts the severity or existence of your injury, your Charlotte wrongful death attorney will need to file suit to pursue your claim.
  4. Just Say No—Unfortunately, sometimes insurance companies refuse to settle injury claims as a matter of company policy, leaving you no choice but to go to court.

Who Do We Sue If We Have to?

If your Charlotte wrongful death lawyer feels a lawsuit is the only option, he will sue (on your behalf) the “wrongdoer” or person you feel caused your injuries. The insurance company itself would only be made a party in automobile accident cases involving an uninsured or underinsured driver. Your Charlotte wrongful death attorney can fully advise you about the stages of litigation (lawsuit) if that becomes necessary.

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