Back to School Safety

Back to School Safety

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Back to School Safety Tips For Drivers-

Did you know one of the most dangerous places for children is at school when they are being picked up and let off? Moms and caretakers are busy people, often driving, texting, planning, talking on the phone, distracted by other children in the vehicle. Practice putting everything away when entering the school zone. Drive with intention and awareness of your surroundings.

Drive carefully when you see children on sidewalks or crossing streets. Kids can be unpredictable especially where skateboards and bikes are present. Be alert and slow down.

Did you know it is the law that drivers must stop at the sidewalk before entering and exiting driveways and alley ways?

Today in York County SC, there are 4 districts that include 69 schools along with 1 charter school and 3 private schools.

Back to School Safety Tips For Parents-

  • Be sure your children have their home address and phone with them at all times, a parent’s work phone number, and that they know how to call 911.
  • For younger children, plan a walking route to school that crosses the fewest number of streets or has crossing guards.
  • Review bus safety rules with your child.
  • Tell your children to never run between parked cars or into the street during pick-up and drop-off times.
  • If your child’s school bus has lap/shoulder seat belts, make sure your child uses one at all times when in the bus. If your child’s school bus does not have lap/shoulder belts, encourage the school to buy or lease buses with lap/shoulder belts.

Back To School Safety Tips For Children-

  • Always cross streets using crosswalks. Use the traffic signals to cross safely or follow directions of the school crossing guard.
  • Always walk with someone. Whenever possible avoid walking alone
  • Bright-colored clothing will make you more visible to drivers.
  • Wait for the bus to stop before approaching it from the curb.
  • Do not talk to strangers or let cars you do not know get to close to you. Never get in to a car with anyone you do not know or trust.

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