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Birth Injury

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A midwifes settlement with the family, whose daughter was hospitalized for 21 days after her birth in January 2009 and now has cerebral palsy, was finalized last week and is described in court filings, since a judge must approve settlements reached on behalf of a minor.

A midwife, also the founder of a Birth and Wellness Center, voluntarily surrendered her license in 2010 following an investigation by the state Midwifery Council into a series of complaints about the care she had provided her patients. The complaints alleged that she hadn’t managed cases appropriately, failing to consult with obstetricians about high-risk pregnancies.

The midwife made a statement last winter saying that she stood by her judgment, describing the standard she provided patients as “comparable to any other midwife in the state.”

Although the mother presented several risk factors during her pregnancy, the midwife did not refer her to an obstetrician, nor did she send the mother to the hospital when she was unable to locate the baby’s heartbeat during labor. When their daughter was born and still did not have a heartbeat, the midwife did not promptly call for an ambulance as suggested by the father.

Midwives are not required to carry malpractice insurance to be licensed by the state, although several choose to, said the chairwoman of the state Midwifery Council. She said most insurance companies will not cover a midwife, who does not have malpractice insurance, but “that coverage is optional and each midwife makes the choice for herself.”

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Posted by Bice Law LLC. March 15, 2012


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