Woman Struck by Boat Propeller Loses Arm and Breasts

Woman Struck by Boat Propeller Loses Arm and Breasts

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A 25 year old Charlotte woman was in a boating accident last summer and lost her breasts and an arm. She was seriously injured when a boat propeller struck her during the popular Lake Bash event on Lake Norman.

The 25-year-old claims that while she was in the water the boat’s propeller hit her twice and contends that, the man who was the boat’s operator, never drove a boat prior to that day and he lacked the skill to safely navigate the boat in a crowded, public area. She says that the propeller hit her as the boat operator was trying to tie it to another boat and he had not turned off the engine.

Both the woman and the boat operator had come with a group of friends to the Lake Bash event. According to her, people shouted at him to turn off the engine but he “panicked,” putting the boat into reverse and causing the propeller to hit her. He then placed the boat’s gear in forward and that was when the propeller to hit her a second time.

The victim is also suing the person that the boat operator rented the boat from contending that he should be enforcing safety procedures to his renters. Along with the company that designed, made, and marketed the vessel; accusing the boat manufacturer of continuing to sell the boat even though its design isn’t safe. Scott says that designing the boat so that seven people end up seated behind the boat operator can obstruct the operator’s visibility. Also, she claims that the ladder and platform are located just a few feet from the propeller and the vessel came with inadequate warning signs about possible dangers.

The victim’s injuries were so severe that she had to have her breasts and an arm amputated. She also suffered a severed sternum, lacerations on her legs, and punctured a lung. The accident has left her with serious psychological and emotional problems, medical expenses, permanent injury, scarring, limb loss, lost wages, and other damages.

Boat operators and boating companies must exercise caution so that they don’t end up running over swimmers or striking them with their propellers. Unfortunately, accidents do happen, and serious injuries can happen that may prove fatal.

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Posted by Bice Law LLC. March 15, 2012


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