Millions of Baby Seats Recalled Due to Head Injuries

Millions of Baby Seats Recalled Due to Head Injuries

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Following well over 80 instances of infants falling out of their Bumbo Baby Seat and  many of them suffering skull fractures, the company has put out a nationwide recall of close to 4 million infant seats.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission said the infants can slide out of the molded foam seat easily, which is meant to be used only on the floor. The baby seat company is attempting  to remedy the situation by mailing out repair kits, which encloses a seat belt to harness infants into the seat.

The first incident occurred five years ago, the company did a recall of around 1 million baby seats and put emphasis of placing the Bumbo on the floor, not a raised surface.

Since 2007, there have been 21 reported incidents of babies with skull fractures after falling from their Bumbo.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, nearly 50 infants fell when the seat was placed on a raised surface, versus the 34 falls when the infant was on the floor in their Bumbo.

Although there can be obvious cases of the product being misused the manufacturer can still be held liable. This is due to companies being charged with the product safety studies that are conducted so that they are aware of the product dangers before placing an item on the market.

It could be shown that it was Bumbo’s duty to think a parent would use the seat on a raised surface, allowing them to take safety precautions before the seat went on the store shelves. Aside from this, it has still been proven that the seat is still a risk while seated on the floor.

The new seat belt system for the Bumbo will hopefully be effective in keeping infants safe.

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