Traumatic Brain Injuries in Children

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Traumatic Brain Injuries in Children


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For years the scientific community has thought that children are not as likely to suffer the long-term effects of a brain injury as adults. Recent studies published in Pediatrics have shown that this may not be the case, children who suffer severe traumatic brain injuries can develop troubles with social, Medical intellectual and behavioral development.

Most of the children who suffer from traumatic brain injuries had been in car accidents, pedestrian accidents Accidents or falls. This study has found that when the injury was mild, such as a short fall, the kids recovered and were doing well relatively quickly. However, when there was a severe brain injury the effects caused the children to fall behind developmentally when compared with their peers for up to three years.

The authors of this study found that children were at higher risk to lag in  intellectual development if they came from a family with low socioeconomic status. They also found that the combination of parents being both highly stressed and minimally involved in the child’s life led greater problems with cognitive development.

Children are much more prone to falling than adults because they are still learning how to balance. A child falling down the stairs or onto sharp furniture edges can cause brain injury.

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On behalf of Bice Law posted Wednesday, March 14, 2012.

Source: CNN, “Severe traumatic brain injury affects development in young children,” Caitlin Hagan, Jan. 23, Meistritele 2012


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