Safe Driving Behaviors

Safe Driving Behaviors

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What a difference a day could make if motorists were to pick one day to curb bad driving behaviors throughout the country. Poor driving habits, after all, are what makes roadways dangerous for motorists and increases the chances for involvement in a car accident.

Automobile safety improves each year with rapidly changing technology and upgraded features that keep drivers and passengers safer that help reduce the severity of an injury when involved in a car accident. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety recently released a status report which discussed the effectiveness of several safety features like seat belts, child restraints and helmet use.

Bice Law agrees that safer automobiles help, but motorists can improve their own safety by slowing down, having patience and focusing on the road. Early projections by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSAindicate that roughly 33,000 lives were lost nationwide in 2010 due to a car crash caused by a drunk driver, distracted driver, aggressive driver or someone driving at high speeds, among other causes.

The NHTSA estimates that roughly 13,000 lives were saved by the use of seat belts in vehicles in 2009. Using a seat belt is one of the simplest ways to help reduce the severity of injury in a car accident. The NHTSA also predicts that another 3,500 people could have been saved if every occupant were to buckle up while riding in a vehicle. At best, we have roughly an 85% usage rate when it comes to all occupants buckling up every time they get in the car.

A little more than half of the states have adopted a seat belt law that makes it a primary offense in which drivers can be cited if they aren’t buckled up. Even fewer states require that all passengers in the vehicle be buckled while a vehicle is in motion, meaning someone in the back seat can ride unbuckled in some states and not be cited for a violation.

Motorists transporting young children are encouraged to keep them in a rear-facing seat until certain height and weight requirements are outgrown rather than when age requirements are met. For example, previously when a child turned 2 it was time for them to move to the next level, but now children are required to stay in their rear-facing seats if they are under the weight or height restrictions set forth by the car seat manufacturer. Similarly, once a child has graduated to the forward facing car seat, it is recommended they stay in that seat until it is outgrown.

The use of speed cameras, red-light cameras at intersections, and ignition interlocks for habitual drunk drivers have all helped to deter some of the bad driving behaviors that occur on American roadways but that still isn’t quite enough.

“While we’re looking for the next big breakthrough in vehicle safety, we should keep in mind that many existing strategies at the driver and passenger level still can yield gains,” says Adrian Lund, Institute President.

Motorists can help themselves and others by always practicing safe driving behaviors every time you get into a vehicle.

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by Bice Law LLC. September 27, 2023

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