Take Action After a School Bus Crash

Take Action After a School Bus Crash

Charlotte, NC Personal Injury Lawyer Fifteen North Carolina school children were injured recently when their school bus swerved and overturned. There were 45 students on the bus at the time of the accident. Troopers with the North Carolina Highway Patrol believed that a compartment above the driver’s head opened shortly before the accident, causing the … Read more

What are the Limits of Self-Defense in South Carolina?

Charlotte, NC Personal Injury Lawyer A man defending a woman from a sexual assault has found himself charged with assault. Fifty-two year old William Mattson was involved in a sexual assault on a 21-year-old woman when Mattson’s nephew, 27-year-old Daniel Mattson, came to the woman’s defense. Daniel’s initial actions were in defense of the victim. … Read more

Can a Baby Recover Damages After a Parent Dies?

Charlotte, NC Personal Injury Lawyer On January 6, 2015, 24-year-old Rebecca Williams was killed when she crashed into another vehicle. At the time of the crash, Ms. Williams was pregnant and was due January 19. Thanks to the quick actions of a state trooper and other medical personnel, the baby was safely delivered by caesarian … Read more

South Carolina Sees Increase in Highway Deaths

Charlotte, NC Personal Injury Lawyer According to reports with the state Highway Patrol, more people died on South Carolina roadways in 2014 than the previous year. Whereas 762 individuals died in highway-related crashes in 2013, 807 people died under similar circumstances in 2014. This included 106 pedestrians, a number that has increased each year for … Read more

Do I Have a Case Against an Unvaccinated Child Who Infects My Child?

Charlotte, NC Personal Injury Lawyer Officials in Mooresville, NC were worried by a new case of the red measles (also known as rubeola) and the danger it presents to the general public. An unvaccinated individual had recently returned from a trip to India and presented with symptoms of the disease. Symptoms of rubeola include a high … Read more

South Carolina Traffic Facts

Charlotte, NC Personal Injury Lawyer The South Carolina Department of Public Safety maintains a record of crash statistics for the state. This data can be extremely informative and interesting in identifying trends in car crashes. For instance, when reviewing several years of such statistics at once, state leaders and others can determine if car crashes … Read more

What is a Wrongful Death Case?

Charlotte, NC Wrongful Death Lawyer Anytime a loved one passes, the remaining family members can be expected to experience a wide range of emotions. This is especially true when a loved one passes because of the acts or carelessness of another person. When this happens, surviving family members face a myriad of stresses: the pain and … Read more

Statute of Limitations and Your Personal Injury Case

Charlotte, NC Personal Injury Lawyer After being injured in North Carolina or South Carolina, a flurry of activity usually ensues. Various insurance agencies and/or attorneys will contact you regarding the accident. If you or another person was injured, there will undoubtedly be medical appointments to attend. Filing a lawsuit to recover damages for your injuries … Read more

Liability for Amusement Park Injuries

Charlotte, NC Personal Injury Lawyer A 12-year-old girl suffered serious injuries recently at the State Fair in North Carolina after an amusement ride malfunctioned. The young girl was participating in a bungee jump attraction in which patrons leap from a high platform with an elastic cord attached to their legs. The cord is designed to … Read more

What To Do After a Tractor-Trailer Collision

Charlotte, NC Personal Injury Lawyer Estimates show that there are approximately 15.5 million commercial trucks in the United States, including about 2 million tractor-trailers. When a tractor-trailer is involved in a collision with a passenger car, the results can be devastating. The sheer size and weight of a tractor-trailer, combined with the fact that some … Read more