What happens at my consultation?

It is important to bring as much information as possible. Try to write down everything that happened, so you don’t forget any important details. Bring any documents related to your injury, such as accident reports, medical reports, agreements, photographs, or … Read more

We can evaluate your case to determine whether you still might have a claim under the law. In many cases you can still recover if you are less at fault than the opposing party, or if the opposing party had … Read more

Yes! We only handle injury cases. We will take any case to trial where our clients are not being treated fairly by an insurance company.  Share this article on Social Media! Share List

No, you would not be responsible for the case-related costs, unless we get a recovery for you. We don’t get paid unless you do! Share this article on Social Media! Share List

Like most personal injury lawyers, we work on a contingency fee basis. This means that you will not have to pay a fee unless you recover money damages in your lawsuit. Most attorneys handling other areas of the law would … Read more

Yes, you can file a civil lawsuit without an attorney. However, if you bring a case on your own, you are subject to the same standards as you would be if you had an attorney. You must follow the formalities … Read more

The insurance company told me that I don’t need to hire a lawyer. Is this true? Insurance companies are motivated by profit and always try to pay the least amount possible on your claim. Hiring an attorney gives you someone … Read more

  Yes, if you have any pain from an accident, get examined by a doctor immediately. The longer you wait, the more likely the insurance company will claim your injuries are not related to the accident.    Share this article … Read more

  Take photos of your injuries Report the accident to your insurance carrier  Visit a doctor, if you have not already Give the doctor’s office your medical insurance information and ask them to bill the medical insurance  If you have … Read more

A personal injury is any injury that gives rise to legal liability of the responsible party. When one person gets hurt because another person or company acts negligently, the victim has a personal injury. The victim may bring a claim … Read more