Inaccurate Diagnosis Leads to a Permanant Birth Injury

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Inaccurate Diagnosis Leads to a Permanant Birth Injury

Charlotte NC Birth Injury Lawyer

A 36 weeks pregnant woman rushed to the hospital with concerns of pain and heavy bleeding, which are signs of a detached placenta. As anyone would, she went to the hospital with the expectation of receiving quality care for herself and unborn child.  Unfortunately, she was told that her baby had died and they denied her any type of surgical delivery.

In a “normal” pregnancy, the placenta works as a channel from the mother’s body to feed and remove waste from the unborn baby. According to the experts at the Mayo Clinic, a detached placenta  will prevent the baby from receiving oxygen that is essential to the well being of the baby.  There is a great risk with a detached placenta and cesarean section is most commonly the safest option for both mother and child.

A Mother’s Nightmare

Immediately after arrival the panicked mother was admitted to the hospital where they attempted to do fetal monitoring. They were using an outdated ultrasound machine that had a service record dating 10 years back. The machine did not give clear information about the baby’s condition.

Due to the outdated machine the obstetrician declared the baby dead, based on the inability to get a clear image of the heartbeat and there was no ultrasound technician on staff that day.  The hospital had to call in an ultrasound technician from home, who then determined that the doctor read the results wrong and the baby was alive.

In the 81 minute time span between her being denied a cesarean section  and the actual emergency surgery the baby suffered significant brain damage. If the doctor had gone on the cautious side, the baby held a greater chance of being delivered in healthy condition.

Heartbreaking Consequences of a Birth Injury

The child is now three years old and a victim of severe spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy, in need of life-long custodial and medical care. The possibility of a normal life is now gone because the doctors declared her dead and was not removed in time. The family sued the hospital because of the improperly maintained and outdated equipment and the lack of trained personnel on site.

Contact the Birth Injury Law Firm of Bice Law

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