Failure to Signal Results in Over 2 Million Accidents

Failure to Signal Results in Over 2 Million Accidents

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Although most of us admit to doing it, nearly everyone in Charlotte knows that distracted driving is quickly becoming the most common cause of vehicle crashes, serious injuries and death. Although roughly 950,000 car accidents can be tied in with distracted driving, a new study by the Society of Automotive Engineers shows that most people are scared of people who to not use their turn signal.

Two million accidents occur annually due to drivers failing to use their turn signal or by forgetting to turn off their signal when it is no longer needed. This is more than double the amount of accidents caused by distracted driving, but police have been much less strict in enforcing turn signal policies.

Aside from things such as texting while driving or other distractions while driving, there is a known general fact by most drivers that they should be consistent with using their turn signal appropriately. It is necessary for  all of the drivers out on the road to make others aware of which direction they plan to move, whether your changing lanes or making a turn.  Drivers who do not comply with using their turn signal take the risk of being sued for any damages that result from their negligence.

In order to decrease the amount of automobile accidents that are caused by abusing the use of the turn signal, the discussion of alternative turn signals has been discussed.  Newer vehicles could begin implementing  the “Smart Turn Signal” which will automatically turn off your signal after you’ve changed lanes or if the signal is left on for a significant period of time. The capabilities of this smart turn signal also notifies the negligent driver to use their turn signal.

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