A Charlotte Medical Malpractice Lawyer Discusses Damages for Pain and Suffering

A Charlotte Medical Malpractice Lawyer Discusses Damages for Pain and Suffering

Charlotte NC Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Pain and suffering, medical bills, lost wages and property damage all factor into the amount of money that gets paid out on a claim. As your Charlotte medical malpractice lawyer can advise you, pain and suffering is properly documented through medical records that outline the treatment and physical pain you endured.

Use and dosages of any prescription pain or anti-inflammatory medications should be well-documented. Information submitted to the insurer should include whether you continue to take the medicine, or if you stopped using painkillers, what length of time you were required to use them. You should also include whether your injuries had any temporary or permanent impact on the range of motion for any body part. In a number of states, you can collect damages for additional pain and suffering if a pre-existing medical condition worsened following an accident.

Past, Present and Future

Insurance adjusters typically require documentation to prove a pain and suffering claim. For instance, the adjuster would need a statement from your doctor and employer if your alleged pain from the injury caused you to miss work. As your Charlotte medical malpractice attorney will tell you, any settlement offer or payment should take into account past and future pain and suffering.

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