Charlotte Injury Lawyer Explains Different Settlement Approaches Employed by Various Insurance Companies

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Charlotte Injury Lawyer Explains Different Settlement Approaches Employed by Various Insurance Companies

Charlotte, NC Personal Injury Lawyer

When working with insurance companies, it is important to understand that not every company uses the same approach when settling cases. The strategies employed can vary based on the nature and size of the insurance company. Because settlement approaches can vary, your approach in working with the insurance company should also vary based on the type of company you are dealing with. If you are injured in an accident, your Charlotte injury lawyer can negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf and try to help you reach a settlement.

Understanding Varying Approaches

The most difficult insurance adjusters to negotiate a settlement claim with are those from large, national companies. Insurance adjusters from these types of companies are very conservative and usually do everything by the book. If you are working with an insurance adjuster from this type of company it is important to understand that nothing you can say or do will change their mind or their approach. They are not usually sympathetic to any pain or suffering you may have suffered as a result of the accident and will not make a decision simply because they feel sorry for you. The best thing you can do when negotiating a settlement with these types of adjusters is to have hard, concrete evidence supporting your claim. Your Charlotte injury lawyer can help you gather evidence that will strengthen the credibility of your claim.

Adjusters from small insurance companies can at times be just as conservative as those from large, national companies. Adjusters from these companies have no problem spending a significant amount of time actually investigating your case. If you are working with this type of adjuster, you need to make sure you have sufficient documentation supporting your claim including thorough medical records and documentation of your financial expenses.

Experienced injury attorneys will usually have experience working with a wide variety of insurance companies and may be able to tell when an adjuster is considering making a settlement. They also know what information they need to provide in order for an insurance adjuster to consider offering you a settlement. If you have been injured in an accident, do not attempt to negotiate with insurance companies on your own. Hire an experienced attorney who can negotiate with these companies for you.

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