What Are Independent Medical Exams

What Are Independent Medical Exams

Charlotte, NC Personal Injury Lawyer

An increasingly common tactic in personal injury investigations is for insurers to request what are called independent medical examinations, or IMEs. These are becoming increasingly prevalent especially in cases involving soft-tissue injuries such a neck and back injuries, as your Charlotte personal injury law firm will tell you.

Any Charlotte personal injury law firm will tell you that these are not really “independent” exams, contrary to the name. This implies they are objective and impartial exams. However they are requested, used and often influenced by the insurance company for the purpose of finding something to contradict your claims. Keep this in mind when you hear judges and defense counsel referring to them as “independent”—you and your Charlotte personal injury lawyer know the truth.

If your personal injury case goes to trial, your Charlotte personal injury law firm might file a motion to have the exam be referred to in court as a “defense medical examination” rather than “independent” so as not to sway the jury and make them think it is more objective than it really is.

In some cases, you and your Charlotte personal injury law firm may be able to head off an IME altogether. One way to do this is to lower your demand. If the carrier requests an IME they will likely do so only after your Charlotte personal injury lawyer files suit, not before. They will do so if there is doubt as to the true nature and extent of your injuries, or if you submit a demand that seems far beyond their estimate of what your case is worth. Reducing your demand might prevent this from happening.

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