Indicators of an Improper Claim Denial

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Indicators of an Improper Claim Denial

Charlotte NC Personal Injury Lawyer

The insurance company does not want to pay out on your personal injury claim if it can avoid doing so. While most insurers at least work within the limits of the law, occasionally they deny claims in ways that, upon analysis, prove to be improper. Your Charlotte personal injury lawyer knows how to deal with such a denial, but the following should give you an idea of the sorts of tactics insurers may employ.

Indicators of an Improper Denial Letter

You and your Charlotte personal injury lawyer should beware of any of the following in the letter of denial:

  • The insurance company denies your claim, but fails to specify the provision of the policy which justifies denial.
  • The insurer does not provide copies of the defendant’s policy.
  • The insurer justifies its denial with policy language that either is not there or is irrelevant to your case.
  • The insurer does not indicate a specific reason for denial. This suggests that they simply are denying your claim without conducting an investigation.
  • Along with denying your claim, the insurer asks for more information about your case. This is an indicator that they want information to use against their client, the policyholder.
  • The insurance company never meets with their client.
  • The insurer cancels the defendant’s coverage at the same time it denies your claim.

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