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Claim Adjuster Ploys

Charlotte, NC Personal Injury Lawyer

Some insurance claims adjusters like to use less-than-ethical ploys to try to make the process of pursing a personal injury claim frustrating and painful for you. A Charlotte personal injury attorney can help you deal with these problems.

Reservation of rights

The adjuster can delay making a settlement offer due to unresolved questions surrounding insurance coverage. An indication of this would be that either the insurer or adjuster sends its policyholder a “reservation of rights” letter in the mail. A “reservation of rights” letter is a notice indicating that the policy may not offset particular losses and the company is maintaining the right to deny coverage at a later point in time. If the adjuster sends a “reservation of rights” letter to the policyholder, you should anticipate the adjuster to be hesitant to take part in settlement dialogue.

Lesson: Your accident attorney must stay diligent in ensuring that the adjuster declares whether the loss is covered or not.

Ostrich method

This refers to the technique in which the adjuster plainly neglects your accident attorney by not returning calls, letters, or faxes. Reasons for this could involve a large caseload that the adjuster is attempting to get through. Otherwise, it could very well be a deliberate effort to stall. One claims adjuster is known to have said, “I never call anyone back until they’ve left three messages.” Certain adjusters metaphorically stick their head in the sand, in a manner analogous to an ostrich, due to the injury attorney of the claimant making them feel uneasy or wanting answers or decisions about the claim value which adjusters are not ready to make.

Cannot locate claim file

This is when the adjuster avoids the counsel’s effort to deliberate over valuation by reporting that the claim file cannot be accessed or located. In a large number of claim operations, the files of the adjuster are not kept at the adjuster’s desk. It will likely be the case that they will be filed in a central area that only a select few will have access to. Your Charlotte auto accident attorney who is seeking a claim will probably not know whether this is in fact the case or if the adjuster is just stalling with the excuse that the file cannot be found. In large claim offices dealing with mass amounts of files, it is common for files to be misplaced, misfiled and sometimes even lost.

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