When the Insurance Company Won’t Settle

When the Insurance Company Won’t Settle

Charlotte, NC Personal Injury Lawyer

Some insurance companies are highly resistant to the idea of settling. From the outset it is important for you and your personal injury attorney to determine how strong a case you have, and whether it will be worth litigating if that becomes necessary.

Why Some Insurers Won’t Settle

Certain insurance companies simply have a philosophy that they will not settle injury claims without a protracted battle. These are often the large, multi-state corporations, which tend to be very conservative about settlements. They may even fight against settling a case whose value is small and has substantial evidence in its favor.

Your Charlotte personal injury attorney likely knows which insurance companies fall into this category, but the defense attorneys can be the ones who dig in their heels, too. These attorneys make their money by dragging cases out and litigating them, not by commission.

The Nature of Your Injuries

Another reason insurers may be less than enthusiastic about settling is that they feel your attorney will have a difficult time producing proof of your injuries. Certain injuries are difficult to quantify using conventional medical techniques such as X-rays. These are soft tissue injuries such as back pain and whiplash—the kinds that often need treatment by a chiropractor.

Relatively few personal injury cases are taken to trial. Insurers know that, unless a case is well-documented and has potential for a large settlement, personal injury attorneys are unlikely to litigate them. This is not meant to discourage you from seeking compensation for your injuries. You just need to be aware of what you may be facing with intractable insurance companies.

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