Childcare and Daycare Neglect

Childcare and Daycare Neglect


Childcare and Daycare Neglect

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NBC Charlotte reported that a daycare center in Rock Hill, South Carolina that was under investigation after a child at the center came home with unexplained scratches and marks around his nose and eyes.  The child’s mother alleges her child also had inexplicable bruising and that an employee of the daycare center caused the mystery injuries. The South Carolina Department of Social Services has launched a full inquiry into the treatment of children under the care and supervision of the center.

Unfortunately, the maltreatment of children by childcare and daycare centers does occur in this country, sometimes with catastrophic consequences for the child and their families.

What is Childcare Neglect?

The South Carolina’s statutory code governs childcare centers in this state. It provides the proper practices and standards by which all facilities and centers must abide, including licensing requirements and employee hiring guidelines.

When a childcare center, or one of its employees, fails to act with the reason and responsibility of an ordinary adult with regard to a child’s care, and a child is hurt or harmed, the center may be found negligent.  Further, criminal charges may be in order based on the circumstances of the case buy levitra vardenafil.

Failure to adhere to the statutory guidelines provided by the state listed within the statute may be enough to hold a childcare center negligent in their care of children. For example, if the center creates a dangerous playground environment or unsafe napping situation for a child, they may be held liable. Further, an inadequate hiring process that places children in the care of a dangerous individual may be considered childcare neglect.

How to Recover for Suspected Childcare Neglect?

South Carolina’s statutory code governing negligence controls recovery in childcare neglect cases. In order to establish that a childcare center was negligent, all four of the follow requirements much be demonstrated:

  1. A duty of care was owed to the child from the center;
  2. The center breached that duty of care;
  3. The breach of care by the center caused the child’s injury; and
  4. Damages were incurred.

If all four requirements are met, a family may be able to recover monetarily for the injuries sustained by the child.

Tips for Securing Safe Childcare for Children

Parents who practice common sense and keep their eyes open should have no problem securing safe and adequate care for their children.  Here are a few helpful tips for spotting a safe childcare center:

  • Always take a tour of the center or facility prior to enrolling your child
  • Interview the center’s staff and ask questions about their background
  • Pay attention to the child-to-caregiver ratios at the center
  • Find out what the licensing requirements for the centers are
  • Ask your child about their day at the center and listen to how they respond
  • Ask friends or family for childcare recommendations

Childcare neglect is a very serious allegation that carries very serious consequences.  Your children are so very precious to you and the attorneys at Bice Law, LLC understand that special relationship. If you or someone you know may have experienced childcare neglect or any other type of serious injury, contact an attorney today for a free consultation.

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