Car Collides With School Bus Full of Kids

Car Collides With School Bus Full of Kids

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A school bus with over 30 children on board was rear-ended by another driver. There were four children who were taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

The remaining children were transferred to another bus and transported to their after-school locations.

The driver of the motor vehicle that struck the bus was also taken to the hospital. They are expected  to be charged with a moving violation.

Motorists need to “always be careful” when traveling near a school bus.

If you don’t stop for a school bus, not to mention there’s a chance that you might run over a child, but the points that will be assessed to your driving record will be 6 points and over $1,000 dollar fine.

Officials add that always applies if you’re following a bus or headed in the same direction. In fact, it’s illegal to pass a stopped bus in all 50 states.

A two-lane roadway, one lane going one direction, one lane going coming toward you, you have to stop for the school bus that’s approaching you.

The law changes only on a multi-lane roadway. If there are four or more lanes on a roadway, then you do not have to stop for the school bus if it is in the opposite direction: two lanes going one direction, two lanes going toward you is a four-lane roadway.

The same laws also apply at railroad tracks. While buses may not be loading or unloading children, by law they are required to stop at the tracks. Officials say that means you have to follow the law, too.

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