Investigations of Deadly Collisions in South Carolina

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Investigations of Deadly Collisions in South Carolina

Investigations of Deadly Collisions in South Carolina

Charlotte, NC Personal Injury Lawyer

According to The State, new technologies employed in investigations of deadly automobile collisions in South Carolina allow far fewer errors, increase efficiency, and allow more thorough investigations. Because departments across the state may not be equipped to investigate accident scenes, the South Carolina Highway Patrol has formed the Multi-Disciplinary Accident Investigation Team, or MAIT, to assist in these cases.

Process of Elimination

The MAIT details each collision site and goes over every detail to determine how the wreck occurred and goes much deeper than a standard crash site investigation. According to the article, it takes longer to rule out possible causes than it does to pinpoint what actually occurred since the team has to rule out things like mechanical problems and natural causes. Investigators compile crash site data and run it through specialized software that reconstructs the layout of the crash in computer animations, which permits investigators to see the sequence of events and where the actual impacts took place.

Some local police forces have, through grants, purchased equipment to be able to do the kind of investigations that the MAIT team conducts without calling on them. The technology provides for accurate investigations that can be performed more quickly, allowing roadways to be normalized much more quickly after a collision.

Forensic Evidence in Crash Lawsuits

Advances in forensics allows investigators to put together a clear picture of what occurred during a car accident. This is crucial for determining if one driver was at fault for ignoring speed limits or driving recklessly because evidence can determine the force of the collision as well as the speed the cars were traveling before and after. Forensic evidence may include measurements of skid marks, debris at the scene, flaws in the road, close-up images of the scene, analysis of the vehicles and the damage they incurred, time-distance calculations, and the collision ratings and braking systems of the vehicles involved. Investigators can also get footage from traffic cameras, store surveillance cameras, and even from private individuals who took videos or photos of the crash through subpoenas.

When initiating a suit after a car crash, attorneys will often rely on experts who will testify regarding the evidence gathered at the scene. These experts are witnesses who, because of their education or profession, have special knowledge that enables them to provide an opinion regarding the accident.

In order to preserve evidence for investigators, individuals involved in car accidents should take certain steps. They should ensure that they get a police report from the responding police officer at the scene of the crash. They should also be able to produce car maintenance records that may either show the crash was not caused by vehicle failure or that, in fact, vehicle failure was a contributing factor in the accident. Medical records and receipts relevant to injuries will also be important for determining damages, as well as work absence and pay records.

If you or a loved one was involved in an automobile collision and are seeking compensation for your injuries, the attorneys at Bice Law, LLC can help you navigate the complexities involved in crash cases that may involve extensive analysis of forensic evidence. Contact us today for a free initial consultation.

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