Large Truck / Tractor-Trailer Accident Investigation

Large Truck / Tractor-Trailer Accident Investigation

Charlotte NC  Large Truck / Tractor-Trailer Accident Lawyer

It is imperative when investigating an accident to move quickly, especially with a large truck/tractor-trailer accident due to the likelihood of higher damages and greater injury.

The Insurance Company Investigation

Investigating the accident right away will help to hold the truck driver accountable. Most trucking companies have an insurer that will attempt to gather evidence within hours of the accident to prove their was no negligence on the part of the trucker.

In some instances trucking company or their insurance company have been known to send investigators to the scene while the police are still there. The investigator needs to gather any and all evidence that might help them prove the truck driver is not responsible for the collision.

Eyewitness Accounts

One of the most important things in a case can be the testimony of a witness. An independent witness to the accident should be interviewed as soon as possible following the crash, since it is still fresh in their mind. Most of the time the police report will list any witnesses on their report.

Police Investigation

The officer(s) involved in the investigation of you collision can play a significant role in your case. No, it is not often that an officer will actually have seen the collision occur, but the evidence that is gathered at the scene can make or break your case. Often times the officer can even be brought in to testify if your case went to trial to give their statement on the collision.

Within minutes of a serious crash an officer is there, responding to the call. They do a full investigation from photographing the scene and vehicles to measuring the skid marks on the road. Vehicles, fluids found leaking, and debris are all things that would be discussed in the report. If it is a serious or fatal collision, special crash teams are brought in to do accident reconstruction.

Most officers keep notebooks in their patrol cars and take down notes identifying eyewitnesses and quoting their statements. A personal interview with an investigating officer shortly after a crash can reward you and your attorney with useful information that may not be available later.

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