What Jurors Want in Charlotte Medical Malpractice Cases

What Jurors Want in Charlotte Medical Malpractice Cases

Charlotte NC Medical Malpractice Lawyer

A qualified Charlotte medical malpractice attorney will be familiar with the nuances of jury expectation and predisposition at trial. The attorney will apply his or her knowledge of in presenting a case that best persuades to the jury.

 Observing Medical Malpractice Cases

Medical malpractice lawyers have observed juror tendencies by relying on tools such as post-trial juror interviews and mock trials. Through their research, they have discovered several strategies and arguments that will win over the greatest number of jurors at trial. Listed below are some of the jury penchants the Charlotte medical malpractice attorneys have discovered and will take into account when your case goes to trial:

 1. Jurors usually have more anti-plaintiff biases than anti-defendant biases.

A plaintiff and the defendant in a medical malpractice case each have a fair chance of winning a favorable verdict from the jury. But the injured plaintiff enjoys an advantage in that jurors generally tend to regard doctors and other medical professionals in high esteem, which might be enough to tip the scales in their favor in a close case.

 2. Jurors’ opinions about doctors in a malpractice case can be significantly influenced by their opinions about their own doctors.

Jurors who implicitly trust their doctors to the point of almost never seeking second opinions on diagnoses are more likely to find in favor of the defendant. Meanwhile, jurors who frequently switch primary care physicians and regularly seek second and even third opinions are more likely to find in your favor.

3. Jurors distrust paid medical experts with a history of testifying for one side or the other.

Jurors are suspicious about medical experts who are frequently hired to testify only by the plaintiffs or only by the defendants. Jurors understand that these experts may have an incentive to selectively interpret facts to bolster someone’s preconceived opinions, so they will place more faith on an expert who is demonstrably objective and had testifies regularly for both sides. Your Charlotte medical malpractice attorney may thus seek medical professional with a balanced history of testifying for both sides for your case.

 4. Jurors want to be educated.

Decision on the medical malpractice cases are often based on medical evidence that might be expressed in terminology that is unfamiliar to the typical juror. Charlotte medical malpractice lawyers who properly inform the jurors and explain complicated medical subjects using simple terminology and detailed examples will likely perform better in trials than those who use advanced medical jargon in an attempt to impress the jury.

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