Negotiating a Settlement in Your Medical Malpractice Case

Negotiating a Settlement in Your Medical Malpractice Case

Charlotte NC Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Your Charlotte medical malpractice lawyer will need to evaluate your case before he can give you a ballpark idea of the size of settlement you may be able to receive. Medical malpractice cases do not always settle for the exorbitant amounts you hear about in the news.

How Case Value Is Determined

Numerous factors can affect case value, including the degree to which the defendant was negligent and cost to you—medical treatment, loss or wages, etc. Medical malpractice claims are often built up somewhat with pain and suffering demands.

 The Initial Demand Figure

When your lawyer makes the initial demand to the defendant’s insurer/lawyers, you should not expect that this will be the actual sum of final settlement. Generally negotiations over medical malpractice settlements are somewhat like buying a used car. The seller has an asking price, the buyer offers less, and hopefully they come to an agreement somewhere in the middle.

 If the Initial Demand Is Very High

Given the above, it might seem logical that your Charlotte medical malpractice lawyer set the initial demand figure artificially high. This tactic never works. The insurance company will in almost all cases reject the figure altogether, or not even respond to the demand at all. From the perspective of an insurance company, receiving such a demand signals an unwillingness to negotiate a reasonable settlement. The insurer will generally return by holding out for a trial. Such a tactic, then, can significantly delay settlement, and even backfire on you and your lawyer.

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