Why Medical Malpractice Cases May be Rejected

Why Medical Malpractice Cases May be Rejected

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According to the Kaiser Family Foundation,  in 2011 alone 9,497 medical malpractice claims were paid, with 256 of those claims being from North Carolina and South Carolina combined.  Statistics from the U.S. Bureau of Justice show that plaintiffs won less than a quarter of the trials, and on average plaintiffs received $400,000.

It must be proven that the physician violated or fell below the standard of care and that the the violation caused ongoing damages.

The expertise of physicians, nurses and hospital staff will need to acknowledge something went  wrong and that the error caused the patient additional health issues.

There are five things to consider when you are unsure if you have a medical malpractice case:

1. If you recovered

2. If you situation is complicated by other factors

3. You received the standard care

4. If your outcome falls within the acceptable risks

5. If there are other ways to address the problem

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