Concord Nursing Home Negligence

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Concord Nursing Home Negligence

Charlotte NC Nursing Home Negligence Lawyer

The state of North Carolina has over 400 nursing facilities that are designed to provide therapy and safe homes for thousands of seniors.

A Concord woman has said that her husband was severely neglected while in the care of a North Carolina nursing facility. Local health officials said that they have this system highly regulated, but they are still receiving constant complaints. Hundreds of pages of inspection records investigating complaints of medical errors, falls and wandering residents.

In May 2010, this woman had brought her husband to a Concord nursing for therapy after he had suffered from a stroke. By August, she had noticed a dramatic weight loss and her husband was complaining of severe throat pain.

By the end of September, she had demanded that her husband be taken to the hospital. At the hospital the doctors found deep bed sores and an infection in his throat. After he had gone through surgery and treatment he passed away in his home in November 2010.

According to, there are more than 30 facilities within 50 miles of Charlotte ranked “below average” or “much below average” according to health inspections.

After looking through hundreds of pages of state investigation records, Eyewitness News found reports that included several citations of medication errors, a resident found outside with severe hypothermia, and one resident’s leg fractured after being dropped by nurses. Contact a nursing home negligence lawyer if you or a loved one is a victim.

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Posted on behalf of Bice Law April 24, 2012


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