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Raleigh Personal Injury Lawyer Offering Legal AdviceWith Bice Law, you’re getting an experienced Raleigh Personal Injury Lawyer who will fight for you and get you the compensation that you deserve for your injury claim! Choosing the Frontline Injury Team at Bice Law in Raleigh, North Carolina, is choosing a lawyer that cares about you, about your injury recovery, and about helping you get your life back on track. Some attorneys prefer to never step foot into a courtroom. Our Frontline Injury Team routinely takes cases to trial. We have an established tracking record f successfully representing victims and families in Wake County, as well as surrounding areas in both North Carolina and South Carolina.

Suffering a personal injury can be an overwhelming experience, both physically and emotionally. During such challenging times, hiring an experienced personal injury lawyer is essential to ensure your rights are protected. Bice Law has to knowledge and combined experience to handle any personal injury claim. We fight for our clients from consultation to settlement and we don’t get paid until we win! Contact Bice Law today for your FREE CONSULTATION.

What is a Personal Injury?

Personal Injury is a legal term that describes a serious injury suffered by a victim that is caused by the negligence or wrongful actions of another. Negligence or wrongful conduct can happen in the form of a car accidentworkplace injurydog bite or other domestic animal attack, wrongful death, dangerous products, and many more possible sources. The victim may bring a claim for financial compensation against the wrongdoer and potentially file a lawsuit. The lawsuit is a civil lawsuit brought by the victim. A personal injury is a civil case. It’s not a criminal case where someone can be convicted of a crime and go to jail. Instead, a civil lawsuit can result in a finding of responsibility that makes the responsible party pay money to the victim. These payments are normally paid by insurance companies. 

Personal injuries can cause long-term health problems that may impact your ability to work, your relationship with loved ones, and your overall quality of life.  Injuries often require complicated treatments that can quickly become expensive.  Recovery is difficult enough without dealing with uncooperative insurance representatives – or having to choose between paying for doctor’s visits or paying the gas and electric bills.

Do I have a valid personal injury case?

If you’ve recently experienced an accident or injury in Raleigh, NC, one of the pressing questions on your mind may be, “Do I have a valid personal injury case?” Navigating the legal landscape can be overwhelming, but understanding the key factors that contribute to a valid personal injury claim can provide clarity and guide your next steps. Determining the validity of your personal injury case involves a careful examination of the circumstances surrounding your injuries. By understanding the basics, establishing liability, proving negligence, documenting damages, and being mindful of the statute of limitations, you can better assess the strength of your case.

Understanding the Basics: To determine the validity of your personal injury case, it’s essential to grasp the basics. Personal injury cases typically arise when someone is harmed due to another party’s negligence or intentional actions. Common scenarios include car accidents, slip and falls, medical malpractice, and more.

Establishing Liability: Central to a valid personal injury case is the concept of liability. You need to demonstrate that another party, whether an individual, company, or entity, was responsible for the incident that caused your injuries. Collecting evidence such as accident reports, witness statements, and photographs can help establish liability.

Proving Negligence: Negligence is a crucial element in personal injury cases. You must show that the responsible party failed to act with reasonable care, leading to your injuries. This may involve proving that they breached a duty of care owed to you, and this breach directly resulted in your injuries.

Documenting Damages: To strengthen your case, document all damages resulting from the incident. This includes medical bills, rehabilitation costs, lost wages, property damage, and even intangible losses like pain and suffering. Thorough documentation provides a clear picture of the financial and emotional impact of the injuries.

Statute of Limitations: Every legal claim has a timeframe within which it must be filed – the statute of limitations. Failing to file within this time frame can jeopardize your case. Consult with a personal injury lawyer promptly to ensure you are aware of and adhere to these deadlines.

When in doubt, consult with an experienced Raleigh Personal Injury Lawyer. Bice Law has the combined knowledge and experience needed to investigate your personal injury claim and advise you of your best options. We fight for our clients from consultation to settlement and we don’t get paid until we win! Contact Bice Law today for your FREE CONSULTATION.

Steps to Take After a Personal Injury in Raleigh, NC

There are several steps you should always make sure to do after being injured in an accident in Raleigh, NC.

  • Take photos of your injuries
  • Report the accident to your insurance carrier 
  • Visit a doctor, if you have not already
  • Give the doctor’s office your medical insurance information and ask them to bill the medical insurance 
  • If you have visited a doctor, follow their care plan and attend all follow-up appointments
  • Write down a narrative of what happened while it is still fresh in your mind
  • Make a list of witnesses and their contact information
  • Do not post about the accident on social media
  • Follow any additional instructions from your attorney

If you have any pain from an accident, get examined by a doctor immediately. The longer you wait, the more likely the insurance company will claim your injuries are not related to the accident. You also run the risk of not healing properly from your accident-related injuries if you delay being treated by a medical professional.

Personal Injury Lawyer Near Me in Raleigh, NC

Personal Injury Lawyer Offering Legal Assistance in Raleigh After being injured as a result of negligence, your first search should be for a Personal Injury Lawyer Near Me in Raleigh, NC. You’ll find that most law firms practice several different areas of law. Bice Law specializes in ONLY personal injury. This means that the attorney and case manager handling your case have expertise in personal injury law and extensive knowledge of what can be done to maximize your recovery. We don’t dabble in family law, criminal defense, contract law, or anything that would take away from our team being the best. Our Raleigh Personal Injury Lawyer gets top results for victims who have been seriously injured from the following incidents and more:

Motor Vehicle accidents

Bice Law handles motor vehicle accidents, collisions, and crashes involving cars, trucks, motorcycles, buses, trains, bicycles, and pedestrians who have been seriously injured or killed as a result of someone else’s negligence. Vehicle accidents are among the most common causes of personal injury in North and North Carolina. Considering that most of us must use a vehicle to travel to our jobs, schools, stores, and home. We are all at risk of becoming involved in a vehicle accident at some point in our lives. Our team is there to protect the rights of Raleigh community members after being in a motor vehicle accident in Raleigh, North Carolina. Bice Law has the experienced Raleigh Car Accident Lawyer that you want on your side.

Serious Personal Injuries

Personal Injury is a legal term that describes a serious injury suffered by one person that is caused by the negligence or wrongful actions of another. Negligence or wrongful conduct can happen in the form of a car accident, wrongful death, or dangerous products causing serious personal injuries.

Dog Bites

Slip and Falls

Brain Injury or Head Trauma

are just some of the serious personal injuries that the Bice Law Firm in Raleigh handles. Our Raleigh Personal Injury Team is here to help you navigate your case, every step of the way.

Worker’s Compensation

Workers’ compensation has been developed to assist people who have been injured while at work. If you have been injured while working for an employer in Raleigh, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. In order to receive workers’ compensation, you must have been employed at the time you are injured, and the injury must be a result of the employment. Your injuries must be caused by whatever tasks you have been assigned while employed. This may also include illnesses sustained while at work. For example, if your job requires you to perform a task that involves hazardous chemicals and you end up becoming ill, you may also be entitled to workers’ compensation. When you are ready to explore your legal options, The Frontline Injury Team at Bice Law has extensive experience as a Raleigh Worker’s Compensation Attorney. We’ll review your situation free of charge and advise you of your rights.

Wrongful Death

 It is always difficult to lose a loved one, but it is especially difficult when that death is unexpected, premature, and the result of another party’s negligence or defective product. If your loved one has died as a result of a wrongful act or negligence, take the first step to protect your legal rights. Bice Law cares about the members of our community and we have a Raleigh Wrongful Death Attorney standing by to assist you.

Why Should I Hire a Raleigh Personal Injury Lawyer?

After an accident, you may wonder why you should hire a Raleigh Personal Injury Lawyer. Handling your own personal injury claim could cost you. Accidents can happen in the blink of an eye, often leaving victims with physical injuries, emotional trauma, and financial burdens. Whether it’s a car accident, slip and fall, or any other incident resulting in personal injury, hiring an experienced personal injury attorney should be a top priority.

If you have been injured due to someone else’s negligence or recklessness then you may be entitled to compensation for your damages. However, obtaining fair compensation can be a challenging process, especially if you try to do it alone. This is where a personal injury attorney can be of great help. Bice Law has helped countless victims of personal injuries in Raleigh, and throughout North Carolina. We are ready to fight for you to get you the maximum compensation available and get your life back on track. 

How my is my injury case worth?

The aftermath of an injury can be accompanied by numerous uncertainties, and one burning question often lingers: “How much is my injury case worth?” Evaluating the value of your case involves considering various factors, and gaining insight into these elements can empower you to make informed decisions. Determining the worth of your injury case involves a multifaceted analysis of both economic and non-economic damages, liability, future considerations, and legal precedents.

Assessing Economic Damages: The foundation of determining your case’s worth lies in assessing economic damages. These tangible losses include medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, property damage, and lost wages. Gathering detailed records of these expenses helps provide a clear picture of the financial impact of your injury.

Calculating Non-Economic Damages: In addition to economic damages, non-economic damages encompass intangible losses such as pain and suffering, emotional distress, and a diminished quality of life. While these are more challenging to quantify, they play a significant role in determining the overall value of your case.

Understanding the Role of Liability: The degree of the opposing party’s liability is a crucial factor in assessing case value. If their negligence is well-established and directly linked to your injuries, it strengthens your position for obtaining higher compensation.

Consulting Medical Professionals: Seeking input from medical professionals is essential for estimating future medical expenses and potential long-term effects of your injuries. This insight provides a more accurate representation of your ongoing needs and contributes to a comprehensive valuation.

Considering Punitive Damages: In certain cases involving extreme negligence or intentional harm, punitive damages may come into play. These damages are intended to punish the responsible party and deter similar behavior in the future. Understanding the circumstances that may warrant punitive damages is crucial in assessing the overall worth of your case.

Comparing Settlements and Verdicts: Researching and analyzing settlements and verdicts in similar cases can offer a benchmark for estimating your case’s value. While each case is unique, understanding the outcomes of comparable situations provides valuable context.

Consulting with an Experienced Raleigh Personal Injury Lawyer: Perhaps the most crucial step in determining your case’s worth is seeking guidance from a seasoned personal injury lawyer. Bice Law has a Raleigh Personal Injury Lawyer with extensive experience in Personal Injury Law and getting the best results possible for our clients.

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Award Winning Personal Injury Lawyer in Raleigh

At Bice Law, our clients receive expert legal assistance from an award-winning personal injury lawyer in Raleigh whose career has been defined by unwavering dedication and remarkable success in securing justice for his clients. With a passion for helping those who have suffered due to others’ negligence, Justin Bice has earned recognition and accolades that underscore his exceptional skills and commitment to the legal profession.

Bice’s journey to becoming an award-winning personal injury lawyer was marked by a tireless pursuit of justice. After completing his legal education with honors, he embarked on a career that saw him handling a wide range of personal injury cases, and earning expertise in his area of practice. Mr. Bice continues to go to lengths for his clients that most personal injury lawyers would not. Bice Law has a reputation for obtaining successful results in injury cases, both in and outside of the courtroom. Our firm will take any case to trial if we feel that our clients are not getting the settlement result that they deserve.

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Client Reviews for Bice Law

Bice Law has helped countless victims injured in Car Accidents and other personal injuries. At Bice Law, client reviews are highly important because they show the results of how hard we fight for our clients and also spread the word to more injury victims who may need our assistance. Here are reviews from clients we have successfully assisted with a personal injury matter.

“Great assistance, & highly recommended if you are looking for a lawyer to help you with a personal injury case. Treated me with much respect and kept me updated the entire time!

 Zach B.-Google Review

“Everyone that assisted me was more than friendly and helpful. It made for an unbeatably reassuring experience in an otherwise intimidating situation.”

Nate M.-Google Review

“Going to be recommending Bice Law! They handled my bodily injury claim, and I could not be happier with the outcome!”

A. Budesheim-Google Review

“I am so happy I chose to go with Bice law. Highly recommend them. 1000000%”

K. House-Google Review

After a Raleigh Personal Injury | Contact Bice Law

Personal Injury Lawyer in RaleighWere you injured as a result of negligence in Raleigh? Contact Bice Law. The Raleigh personal injury firm of Bice Law will examine your case to determine the type and amount of damages that your injury warrants, including payments for medical expenses, lost income, pain and suffering, and any permanent disability.  We’ll determine whether an out-of-court settlement or trial is the best strategy to obtain maximum benefits for you or your family. If you have suffered injury or harm because of someone else’s actions, take the first step to protect your legal rights – contact the personal injury firm of Bice Law serving both North Carolina and South Carolina. You only have a limited time after your injury to file a claim, so act quickly.  Call 877-BICE-877 today or submit an online request to get a free consultation with a personal injury attorneyWe serve families across both North and South Carolina.  Results are how we measure success – we’ve built a strong reputation both in and out of the courtroom, and we’ll put our experience and expertise to work on your behalf.

Don’t hesitate, there s only a 3-year window to file a lawsuit for your personal injury claim. If you or someone you know has been injured in the Raleigh area, call the experienced Raleigh personal injury attorney at Bice Law. We’re ready to fight for your rights and get you the compensation that you deserve. Our Frontline Injury Team fights for our clients from consultation to settlement, and we don’t get paid unless you do. Call Bice Law today! 877-BICE-877


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