Richland County Fatal Accident Toll

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Richland County Fatal Accident Toll

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We are over half way through 2013 and Richland County maintain its sad distinction of being the top county out of 46 with the highest number of people killed on its roads.

As of midnight Sunday, 27 people had died on Richland’s roads, according to the S.C. Department of Public Safety.

Greenville County, which has the second highest death toll, has 22. Lexington County has only 13.

Richland’s sky-high total includes the latest traffic victim, a 44 year old man, whose battered body was found Saturday on a Forest Acres street on Saturday night. He was fatally hit by a vehicle and kept on going.

A tip is when your walking at night,  wear light colored clothing, reflectors and walk against traffic. This will help not only the pedestrian but make you more visible to drivers on the road.

Large contributors to these fatal accidents can be avoided by not driving without seatbelts and driving while intoxicated.

Other counties’ death tolls: Kershaw, 9; Horry, 18; Fairfield, 0; Aiken, 15; Florence, 17; Orangeburg, 13; Calhoun, 2; Spartanburg, 15; and Sumter, 9.


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