Financial Difficulties After the Death of a Loved One

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Financial Difficulties After the Death of a Loved One

Rock Hill, SC Wrongful Death Lawyer

The unexpected death of a loved one can cause great emotional hardship, but the financial suffering that follows can be just as crippling as the grief.  A  wrongful death attorney can work on your behalf to fight for justice after such a devastating loss.

Lost Income and Companionship

Perhaps the most significant element of financial hardship following a family member’s death is loss of income. Insurance carriers are responsible for providing family members with the decedent’s projected future earnings (which is mostly based upon work and salary history).

However, other factors are also involved; the deceased’s salary could have increased in the future had he or she continued to live. Therefore, insurance carriers must take that into account.

Insurance carriers may encounter difficulties in determining the deceased’s possible future salary if he or she did not demonstrate a consistent work history.

In addition to lost future income, families deserve reimbursement for lost companionship.

Insurance carriers also hold responsibility for evaluating how much the decedent’s presence was worth to his or her survivors.

Familial Burdens

One unavoidable and costly expense following a relative’s death comes in the form of funeral expenditures. Although this burden may be small compared to the loss of a family member’s income and companionship, many families still struggle to pay for the sudden and often overwhelming expense.

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