South Carolina Hospitals Penalized by Feds

South Carolina Hospitals Penalized by Feds

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Thirteen South Carolina hospitals have been penalized by the federal government for injuring patients in preventable accidents. The thirteen hospitals affected include:

  • Aiken Regional Medical Center;
  • Beaufort County Memorial Hospital;
  • Conway Medical Center;
  • Kershaw Health;
  • Mcleod Medical Center – Dillon;
  • MUSC Medical Center;
  • Novant Health Gaffney Medical Center;
  • Oconee Medical Center;
  • Palmetto Health Baptist;
  • Palmetto Health Baptist Easley;
  • Palmetto Health Richland;
  • Spartanburg Regional Medical Center; and
  • TRMC of Orangeburg and Calhoun.

These thirteen hospitals are a fraction of the more than 700 hospitals nationwide that have been penalized by the federal government. The penalties are assessed against hospitals based on the hospital’s rate of infections caused by fluid tubes pumping medicine or fluids into large veins, urinary tract infections caused by catheters, and complications patients suffer from bed sores, falls, and blood clots.

How Federal Investigations Help Medical Malpractice Plaintiffs

Any patient who is injured by the mistake of a hospital or healthcare provider can bring a medical malpractice case against that hospital or healthcare provider and recover compensation for his or her injuries. These sorts of cases can be difficult to win, as the injured patient must show that the hospital or health care provider’s mistake was such that a reasonable hospital or healthcare provider with similar experience and in similar circumstances would not have made the mistake. This usually requires expert witnesses and other doctors in order to establish not only what the “reasonable standard” in the community is, but also to opine as to whether the hospital or healthcare professional violated this standard.

Investigations and reports such as those that led to the federal government assessing penalties can also be immensely useful to medical malpractice plaintiffs. Being penalized in such a manner can be evidence that a hospital violated a standard or at least did not comply with the practices of other hospitals. A hospital who has a history of a certain type of injuries and who injuries another patient in a similar way may have a more difficult time arguing that the injury was unavoidable. While such investigations and statistics are rarely sufficient in and of themselves to win a medical malpractice case, they can provide important evidence for a judge or jury to consider.

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When you or a loved one has been injured by a healthcare professional or a hospital, knowledgeable legal representation is key. Attorneys with experience in handling medical malpractice cases are familiar with the sort of evidence and testimony needed to succeed. Not only this, but such attorneys generally stay informed of key studies and investigations (like the one that led to the federal penalties previously mentioned) that can help their clients win.  At Bice Law, LLC, we are committed to helping medical malpractice victims obtain the compensation they deserve. .

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