South Carolina Traffic Facts

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South Carolina Traffic Facts

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The South Carolina Department of Public Safety maintains a record of crash statistics for the state. This data can be extremely informative and interesting in identifying trends in car crashes. For instance, when reviewing several years of such statistics at once, state leaders and others can determine if car crashes are increasing when certain factors are present and, if so, whether anything can be done to reduce or eliminate these factors.

Snapshot of South Carolina Statistics

For 2009, the most recent year for which statistics are available, there was a traffic collision in South Carolina about every five minutes. This included fatal collisions (which occurred about every 11 hours), injury collisions (occurring about every 17 minutes), and collisions which resulted in property damage (occurring every 7 minutes).

The statistics go further to show that one person is killed in a traffic collision every 10 hours, while one person is injured every 11 minutes. Driving under the influence (driving with a  breath or blood alcohol concentration of over 0.08) led to a fatal collision about every 23 hours, while a vehicle occupant who was not wearing his or her safety belt was also killed about every 23 hours. Motorcyclists and pedestrians were both killed at a rate of about one every 4 days, while a bicyclist was killed every 28 days.

In terms of age, a teenage driver was involved in an injury or fatal collision about once every one and one-half hours, while a child under six was seriously injured or killed every six days.

What Do the Statistics Tell Us?

Statistics like these can be helpful, even when they are not compared to data from other years. For instance, these statistics show that riding a bicycle in South Carolina does not place one at as great a risk for being involved in a fatal accident as riding a motorcycle or walking. While injury or fatal car collisions can be caused by a multitude of factors, the chances of a fatal or injury car crash occurring increase when one of the drivers is intoxicated or one of the individuals involved is not wearing his or her seatbelt. Young drivers and young children seem to be at an elevated risk of injury or death as well.

Compensation After a Car Collision

When you or a loved one is injured in a South Carolina car accident, an attorney will examine all the facts surrounding your accident in determining what compensation you are entitled to. The behavior of the drivers and any passengers – for example, if he or she was intoxicated, not wearing his or her seatbelt, etc. – can all be considered in determining not only who is at fault but what compensation, if any, the injured driver or passenger is due.

At Bice Law, LLC, we are experienced in helping injured drivers and passengers recover compensation after car wrecks in North Carolina and South Carolina. Regardless of the circumstances of your car crash, contact Bice Law, LLC at 877-BICE-877 for a free consultation.

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