Study for Spinal Cord Injury Patients

Study for Spinal Cord Injury Patients

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One of the newest studies to come out is showing that doing a combination of both the stimulation of your spinal nerves along with physical training can have increased benefits to someone who has suffered a spinal cord injury.

Recently conducted experiments have been published in the Journal Science to back up the proof that relates to this study. The researchers involved in this experiment implemented lab mice. The mice underwent a simulation process which produced an electrical current that was discharged through electrodes that were implanted in the mice. The mice were also exposed to electrical stimulation, in the motor area of the brain, and below the spinal cord injury site. The mice also underwent chemical simulation that covered the injured area with growth-promoting drugs.

The mice were put in harnesses and the mice were then involved in two walking programs.  The mice first started with the treadmill program, pushing them to take reflexive steps. Following the treadmill program was the stationary ground program. This program influenced the mice to walk toward a piece of chocolate.

Several weeks of working with the mice, researchers found that many of the injured mice could now move their limbs, as well as walk like they could before the injury.  There was a percentage of the mice that had such great improvement from these programs that they were now actually able to run. Around 100 rats in the experiment showed improvement after the experiment.

Unfortunately these results do not occur in ever spinal cord injury case. For instance, with the mice, the spinal cord was cut, but not completely severed.  This means that there were still some spinal nerves that were intact. However, the researchers say that this condition is similar to up to a third of all patients with a serious spinal cord injury and end up with paralysis.

Research is showing that there is great potential with what they have found and they are going to extend them to conditions that are better for human beings. The researchers are so pleased with the results of the study that they are now working on a human clinical trial that could begin soon.

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