Child Dies in a Fatal Car Crash the Day After his Mother

Important Elements of a Wrongful Death Case

Charlotte, NC Wrongful Death Lawyer Wrongful death law is applicable in tort cases where the defendant’s conduct has contributed to the death of the victim. The law compensates the surviving family members and dependents who bear economic and non-economic losses … Read more

Fatal Accident Brings Family to Sue a Sorority

Charlotte, NC Wrongful Death Lawyer It has been almost two years since a North Carolina woman learned that her daughter had been killed in a car accident. The woman’s daughter was with several friends when their car was involved in … Read more

What to Expect at Trial

Charlotte NC Wrongful Death Lawyer We’ve all seen courtroom drama on television, but the reality is very different. If your case is not complex, your Charlotte wrongful death attorney can prepare you in advance for the likely sequence of events, … Read more