Factors Affecting When Your Case Will Go to Trial

Factors Affecting When Your Case Will Go to Trial

Charlotte NC Wrongful Death Lawyer Your Charlotte wrongful death attorney is well aware that losing a loved one is a terrible experience. Coping with an insurance company that refuses to settle without taking the case to trial only makes matters worse. When this occurs, clients are naturally concerned about how long it will take before … Read more

How Gender Factors into Cases of Wrongful Death

Charlotte NC Wrongful Death Lawyer When beginning their evaluation of your wrongful death claim, the insurer and your Charlotte wrongful death attorney will first consider your special damages, which are usually comprised of economic costs. Next, they will consider general damages, especially your pain and suffering. Laws Governing Wrongful Death Each state has its own … Read more

Depositions in Your Wrongful Death Case

Charlotte NC Wrongful Death Lawyer Depositions are used for many purposes. The taking of depositions is a part of the discovery process in a wrongful death case. Not only can you expect to be deposed, but witnesses, and of course, the defendant will likely be called to submit to depositions as well. Your Charlotte wrongful … Read more

A DUI Results in Wrongful Death

Charlotte NC Wrongful Death Lawyer A man and his wife, who was six months pregnant, were driving in their SUV when they were suddenly crashed into by a Volvo going nearly 100 mph. The driver of the Volvo had just left a bar with the blood alcohol level of .23, nearly three times the legal … Read more

Evaluation of Wrongful Death Cases

Charlotte NC Wrongful Death Lawyer As wrongful death statues have different standards across the nation, you are advised to consult with a Charlotte wrongful death lawyer to find out exactly how much compensation you may be entitled to. Wrongful death claims by beneficiaries of the deceased Insurers usually begin evaluating the settlement of death claims … Read more

Wrongful Death in North Carolina

Charlotte NC Wrongful Death Lawyer Whenever an individual dies due to the wrongful, deliberate or negligent act of someone else, the laws of the state of North Carolina permit the executor or administrator of that individual’s estate to file an action for wrongful death.  Most Charlotte wrongful death attorneys will tell you that the types … Read more

Families of School Shooting Victims Win Wrongful Death Suit

Charlotte NC Wrongful Death Lawyer Students at Virginia Tech will never be the same after the violent shooting that killed 30 people back in 2007. The university was sued by parents of the murdered students on a wrongful death claim. Had students been alerted immediately after the first shooting, lives could have been saved. There … Read more

Wrongful Death

Charlotte NC Wrongful Death Lawyer A seventeen year old boy, died in a supermarket after a police officer shot him in the chest with a Taser Model X26 electronic control device in 2008. The parents of the boy filed a lawsuit against Taser International for failing to warn law enforcement officials that shooting their stun … Read more