First Trimester Genetic Testing Gone Wrong

First Trimester Genetic Testing Gone Wrong

Rock Hill SC Birth Injury Lawyer Pregnancy can include a multitude of experiences. It is remarkable, emotional, delightful and frightening. There is a host of occurrences that can go wrong for both the expectant mother and the child. Because of the possible complications involved in pregnancy, doctors must perform many different tests throughout. Available to … Read more

South Carolina Boating Season

Rock Hill SC Boat Accident Lawyer Spring is now upon us here in South Carolina and summer is just around the corner. Many of us are planning weekends camping, road trips to the beach and cook outs with friends. Keep in mind that during these times we need to think about safety. While out on … Read more

Common Birth Injuries

Charlotte NC Birth Injury Lawyer A birth injury or trauma during delivery is an injury that happens to a baby during birth. Delaying the delivery of a baby can cause profound injury to a child due to oxygen deprivation. These injuries include brain damage, cerebral palsy, erbs palsy, and other physical and neurological injuries. Common birth injuries: … Read more

Two Killed in a Boat Crash

Rock Hill SC Boat Accident Lawyer A child and pregnant woman were found dead after a boat crash over Memorial Day weekend. While out on a lake in North Carolina, a speed boat went over the top of a pontoon boat, killing two and hospitalizing one.  No one on the speedboat was injured. Investigators do … Read more

Prolapsed Umbilical Cord Causes and Effects

Rock Hill SC Birth Injury Lawyer Childbirth can be an amazing, exciting, and wondrous process. However, with about 30% of all mothers experiencing some kind of birth complication, it can also be a very scary and stressful time. While there are numerous types of potential complications and traumas that newborns may face, some are much … Read more

Boating Fatalities

Charlotte NC Boat Accident Lawyer According to the United States Coast Guard’s National Recreational Boating Safety Program Executive Summary, in 2011 there were 4,588 boating accidents resulting in $52 million in damages. Of those accidents 758 of them were fatal, which is a 14.8% increase from the previous year. Roughly 70% of all fatalities were … Read more

Inaccurate Diagnosis Leads to a Permanant Birth Injury

Charlotte NC Birth Injury Lawyer A 36 weeks pregnant woman rushed to the hospital with concerns of pain and heavy bleeding, which are signs of a detached placenta. As anyone would, she went to the hospital with the expectation of receiving quality care for herself and unborn child.  Unfortunately, she was told that her baby … Read more

Woman Struck by Boat Propeller Loses Arm and Breasts

Charlotte NC Boat Accident Lawyer A 25 year old Charlotte woman was in a boating accident last summer and lost her breasts and an arm. She was seriously injured when a boat propeller struck her during the popular Lake Bash event on Lake Norman. The 25-year-old claims that while she was in the water the … Read more

Birth Injury

Charlotte NC Birth Injury Lawyer A midwifes settlement with the family, whose daughter was hospitalized for 21 days after her birth in January 2009 and now has cerebral palsy, was finalized last week and is described in court filings, since a judge must approve settlements reached on behalf of a minor. A midwife, also the … Read more