Decrease in Charlotte Auto Accidents

Decrease in Charlotte Auto Accidents

Charlotte NC Auto Accident Lawyer In the year 2012 Charlotte experienced a 4% decrease in motor vehicle collisions, according to the Charlotte Department of Transportation. In total, 14,514 crashes were reported in Charlotte last year, most of which happened on Fridays during rush hour. Forty-four of the total number of crashes were fatal. Unfortunately, pedestrian … Read more

Attributes of a Good Charlotte Auto Accident Attorney

Charlotte NC Auto Accident Lawyer Plaintiffs in a personal injury lawsuit are often concerned about what to look for in a qualified personal injury attorney when filing an auto accident lawsuit. It is important to find certain attributes in a Charlotte auto accident attorney that will benefit your case. The Lawyer Will Establish a Rapport With … Read more

Hybrid & Electric Vehicles Making Roads Safer?

Fort Mill SC Auto Accident Lawyer There are  new laws continuously being established across the country to help ensure the safety of motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians. Laws have been established in North Carolina and throughout the entire country to prevent drivers from operating their vehicles while being distracted by cellphones or require the use of … Read more

Fatal Summer Accidents

Fort Mill SC Auto Accident Lawyer Summer is a favorite season for many people, but students in particular have reason to find it especially enjoyable. With school being out for 3 months and warm summer temperatures, most teens are spending their days driving to somewhere like the beach or to a friends house. With the … Read more

Richland County Fatal Accident Toll

Rock Hill SC Auto Accident Lawyer We are over half way through 2013 and Richland County maintain its sad distinction of being the top county out of 46 with the highest number of people killed on its roads. As of midnight Sunday, 27 people had died on Richland’s roads, according to the S.C. Department of … Read more

A Charlotte Auto Accident Attorney Discusses Adjuster Tactics: Activity Checks

Charlotte NC Auto Accident Lawyer Insurance adjuster will often engage in underhanded tactics in order to disprove your claims. An experienced Charlotte auto accident attorney will combat these tactics and protect your rights and privacy. Adjusters as Private Investigators Although claim adjusters are not private investigators, they may visit your neighborhood and prod your neighbors for information … Read more

Plaintiff’s Case Elements

Baxter Village Auto Accident Lawyer General Theory in Auto Accident Litigation Legal theory for most auto accident litigation holds that negligence is on the part of the defendant.  In order for negligence to be established, your auto accident lawyer will need to prove the following: There was a duty on the part of the defendant to … Read more

Is There a Black Box in Your Car?

Rock Hill SC Auto Accident Lawyer The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has established new criteria for “black boxes” installed in new vehicles. The new rules are still being written in final form, but will require all new cars that have the devices to contain standardized information for retrieval in the event of a … Read more

Car Collides With School Bus Full of Kids

Fort Mill SC Auto Accident Lawyer A school bus with over 30 children on board was rear-ended by another driver. There were four children who were taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. The remaining children were transferred to another bus and transported to their after-school locations. The driver of the motor vehicle that struck … Read more

100 Deadliest Days

Rock Hill SC Auto Accident Lawyer For teen drivers, the month of May marks the beginning of the season of high danger. It’s prom and graduation time, when many teenage drivers have expanded driving privileges. It’s also near the start of summer vacation, when the stakes are extremely high for young drivers. The period between … Read more