3 Deaths Resulting from Football Collision

3 Deaths Resulting from Football Collision

Rock Hill, SC Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer Over the past few years, the NFL and football in general has been under a microscope for the way in which coaches deal with head injuries. In fact, the NFL Player’s Union has … Read more

Debilitating Diseases Related to TBI

Rock Hill, SC Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer According to a study, traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) have now been linked to the onset of several debilitating diseases. Commonly associated with birth trauma, car accidents, and sport’s injuries, TBIs have now been shown to set off … Read more

Sports Related Head Injuries

Charlotte, NC Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer The Winter Olympics are finally here! It’s thrilling to watch the best athletes in the world go head-to-head. The bobsledders, skiing, skating etc. Part of the thrill, of course, is the danger associated with … Read more

Research Collaboration on TBI

Rock Hill, SC Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer Peter Chiarelli wants scientists and clinicians working at labs and universities across the country to more actively pass around information and findings concerning advances in traumatic brain injury research. It is likely the … Read more

Brain Injuries Connected With Vision Problems in Veterans

Rock Hill, SC Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer The Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Washington, D.C., completed a study showing the connection between veterans suffering mild traumatic brain injury and chronic vision disorders. Researchers noted that 67 percent of patient respondents reported … Read more

Handheld Device Can Detect Intracranial Bleeding

Rock Hill, SC Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer The more time it takes to diagnose a brain bleed means a longer period of time before it is treated, putting you at greater the risk of permanent brain damage. The company InfraScan … Read more

Brain Injuries at School

Rock Hill, SC Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer A concussion comes from a head injury that jars the brain, causing slight head trauma and a headache. This can be a serious injury, or the child might recover in a day or … Read more

Brain Injuries and Helmet Laws

Charlotte NC Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Helmet laws significantly reduce the strain on public resources. Riders without a helmet cost more to treat at the hospital, spend a longer time in rehabilitation, and are more likely to require some form of … Read more

Possible Treatment for Traumatic Brain Injuries

Rock Hill, SC TBI Lawyer Traumatic brain injuries are considered to be incredibly difficult to treat for neurological doctors. Recent discovery shows that a drug, known as metformin, which is used to control Type 2 diabetes triggers stem cells into … Read more

MRI to Assist in Treating Post Concussion Syndrome

Rock Hill, SC TBI Lawyer There has been new research that shows how the brain is changed in a person who suffers form post-concussion syndrome. These findings are from a new study published online in the journal Radiology. A concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury that … Read more