How Insurance Companies Try to Minimize Settlement Payouts

How Insurance Companies Try to Minimize Settlement Payouts

If you are involved in a serious car accident, chances are you are suffering from injuries and receiving medical treatment. However, when it comes to compensating you, insurance companies are not interested in paying you top dollar for your case. Instead, they are only interested in saving themselves money and keeping as much of it … Read more

Tips When You Have a Major Injury

Charlotte NC Auto Accident Lawyer According to the North Carolina Department of Transportation, the most common type of accident is a car accident. Car accidents occur all the time and injuries may occur as a result. In some cases, a car accident may only be a minor fender bender, and the injuries may be minimal. Examples … Read more

What are Your Rights When You are Injured in a Car Accident?

Charlotte NC Auto Accident Lawyer A startling number of auto accidents resulting in injuries occur every year, leaving victims with temporary or permanent  disabilities. Statistics show that 110,406 people were injured in such mishaps in 2012 in North Carolina and more than 1,260 fatalities occurred in the region as a result of auto accidents in … Read more

How to Protect your Rights as the Victim of an Auto Accident

Charlotte NC Auto Accident Lawyer Auto accidents may occur at anytime, anywhere and to anyone no matter how careful they are. If you have been the victim of such an unfortunate incident, it is important for you to take immediate steps so that your rights are fully protected. After all, an accident can cause significant … Read more

Are You a Distracted Driver? Take this Test!

Charlotte NC Auto Accident Lawyer With technology booming the majority of people on the roads have a cell phone. Many of us are guilty of texting and driving, whether it is quickly glancing at your phone when it beeps or sending messages for your entire car ride, it is a distraction. To test your ability … Read more

What to do After an Accident

Charlotte NC Auto Accident Lawyer If you’re involved in an automobile accident, you’re faced with a thousand questions and concerns about your physical well being and property damage. Here are some general guidelines for what to do after an automobile accident: Stay calm. Do not argue or yell with anyone at the scene. Do not … Read more

Complacency is Dangerous

Fort Mill SC Auto Accident Lawyer You can’t decide what other people do on the road. That’s something you figure out the first time you see some crazy, irrational move that puts you and your passengers in danger and kicks in the road rage. The fact is, there are a lot of dangerous situations you … Read more

Using a Cell Phone After an Accident

Fort Mill SC Auto Accident Lawyer A cell phone camera can be essential if you’ve been in an accident. Whether it’s an automobile accident, bicycle accident  or a pedestrian accident, your cell phone camera can make it easy to document your accident when you take these important steps. You should always  call 911 and request … Read more

How to Handle a Rear-End Collision

Fort Mill SC Auto Accident Lawyer Rear-end crashes cause significantly more minor-to-moderate injuries than other types of car accidents. Each year nearly 3 million people sustain a whiplash injury. About 10% are permanently disabled. About half are left with some chronic problems. Even though strains, sprains, disc injuries, contusions, fractures, mild head injuries, and other … Read more