Claim Adjuster Ploys

Claim Adjuster Ploys

Charlotte, NC Personal Injury Lawyer Some insurance claims adjusters like to use less-than-ethical ploys to try to make the process of pursing a personal injury claim frustrating and painful for you. A Charlotte personal injury attorney can help you deal with these problems. Reservation of rights The adjuster can delay making a settlement offer due … Read more

If the Defendant Lies about Your Case

Unfortunately, minimizing, and even outright lying are common in personal injury cases. Without a personal injury attorney in your corner, you may be at a disadvantage in trying to counter misstatements about the incident. Motivation for Lying The defendant has motive for lying, and his insurer has motive to accept his lies as fact. After … Read more

Indicators of an Improper Claim Denial

Charlotte NC Personal Injury Lawyer The insurance company does not want to pay out on your personal injury claim if it can avoid doing so. While most insurers at least work within the limits of the law, occasionally they deny claims in ways that, upon analysis, prove to be improper. Your Charlotte personal injury lawyer … Read more

Personal Injury Issues: Paralysis and a Loss of Senses

Charlotte NC Personal Injury Lawyer Depending on the type of accident experienced, some individuals might sustain injuries that are far greater than simple cuts and abrasions.  In fact, some may experience more severe injuries, such as a loss of their senses and even paralysis.  That is why it is imperative for persons who have suffered … Read more