Tractor Trailer and Bus Collision in North Carolina

Tractor Trailer and Bus Collision in North Carolina


  Tractor Trailer and Bus Collision in North Carolina
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According to a news report, a tractor-trailer rear-ended a bus carrying migrant workers near Tarboro, North Carolina, last September. The accident injured twenty-six people, two of whom suffered serious injuries and were flown to Vidant Medical Center in Greenville. According to the authorities, the tractor-trailer was traveling east when it crashed into the rear of the bus, causing the bus to overturn and land in the left freeway lane. Then, the tractor trailer veered onto the right shoulder, straight into an embankment, and rested along a wood line.

                                              Failing to Reduce Speed

Investigators indicated that the driver of the tractor-trailer was driving sixty to sixty-five miles per hour and the bus was traveling at around forty-five miles per hour when the crash occurred. Therefore, the tractor-trailer driver was charged by the police for failing to reduce speed.

According to recent studies, one of the reasons for failure to reduce speed is that a truck may be overweight. An overweight truck has far less maneuverability and may have loss of steering control. A truck’s excess weight can damage its various components and cause serious defects such as tire blowouts and brake failure. Extra weight may cause a truck to jack-knife and roll over if a truck requires to make a sudden stop. Additionally, overweight trucks take longer to brake to a complete stop and are more prone to collisions.

The <a href=”http://ops their”>Federal Highway Administration regulates the maximum gross vehicle weight on interstates at 80,000 pounds. According to the Truck Safety Coalition, a group dedicated to increasing truck safety, the chances of a large truck accident resulting in deaths and serious injuries increase with each extra ton of weight over 80,000 pounds, and that  a 100,000-pound truck takes 25% longer to stop than an 80,000-pound truck.

                                                 Licensing Requirements

According to the article, the bus driver will be charged with failing to have a Class B driver’s license, which is required to transport sixteen or more passengers.

Carriers have the duty to take steps to help prevent injury to the driving public by ensuring that its drivers are competent to operate commercial vehicles. If a company that operates commercial motor vehicles knowingly entrusts the use of a vehicle to a person who is incompetent, reckless, irresponsible, or otherwise unqualified to safely operate a commercial vehicle, the company may be held liable if an accident occurs as a result. Companies have an affirmative duty to investigate the drivers that they hire and ensure that they are qualified.

Negligent retention occurs when a commercial motor carrier learns during the course of a driver’s employment that he or she is incompetent but continues to retain the driver and allow him or her to operate a commercial vehicle. Under federal regulations, drivers are disqualified from operating commercial vehicles for driving without a commercial driver’s license. In this case, if the bus driver did indeed fail to possess a commercial driver’s license while driving the bus, the company that operates the bus may be liable for injuries stemming from the accident.

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