What Should I Do After A Winter Car Accident?

What Should I Do After A Winter Car Accident?

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The southeast is being slammed with wintery weather recently. Snow, sleet and icy conditions are predicted for many counties in North Carolina and the end is nowhere in sight.

Winter weather such as this creates dangerous and unpredictable road conditions for drivers who are unprepared to deal with the quickly developing hazards. Unfortunately, the number of car accidents and the severity of these accidents increase dramatically throughout the winter months.

What should you do if you are in a car accident? Such a situation can be very chaotic and everyone involved will be experiencing different emotions from fear to relief. However, it is imperative that you stay as calm as possible and call immediately for help. The following are a list of things you can do at the scene of an accident, or immediately afterwards, in order to ensure everyone’s safety and recovery.

Remain at the Scene of the Accident

North Carolina law requires that all drivers of cars involved in an accident remain at the scene if the accident resulted in any personal injury or property damage. Do not leave the scene of a car accident for any reason. You may leave to quickly call the police or to obtain medical help, but always return to the scene as soon as possible.

Check on all Drivers and Passengers Involved

When you have determined that you are not injured, check on your passengers. Then check on the drivers and passengers of the other cars involved or any pedestrians.

Call for Help

Always seek medical attention and help for victims who need it first. Do not move an injured party. Wait for medical professionals to administer medical care. A North Carolina driver involved in a car accident resulting in personal injury or property damage must call the police.

Exchange Contact and Insurance Information with all Drivers

All drivers involved must exchange names and contact information. Exchanging insurance information is not legally necessary, however, it is advisable. North Carolina does require a driver carry a minimum amount of car insurance. Be sure that your personal policy adheres to these minimums.

Speak with Anyone Who Witnessed the Accident

Talk with anyone who may have seen the accident occur. Ask if you may obtain their name and contact information. Both you and your passengers may be shaken up from the accident so it is important to verify what happened with those not directly involved.

Take Pictures

Use your cell phone or camera to take pictures of the scene of the accident. Be sure to get clear images of the road’s conditions, posted speed limit signs, and any damages.

Contact Your Insurance Company

You will need to contact your insurance agent to let him or her know you were involved in an accident. You should do this as quickly as possible after the accident.

Keep Good Records of your Costs Incurred

Whether it is for a personal injury or damages to your car, keep records of all costs you sustain after the accident. Keep good track of your medical bills related to the accident. Ask your auto body repair shop for a full, detailed invoice of the damages to your car and the costs to repair those damages.

Be Careful What You Say

It is best to not speak with anyone involved in the accident after you have left the scene of the accident. If someone contacts you, ask him or her to contact your legal representation. Do not pay any money to anyone without speaking to an attorney first.

Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

Being involved in a car accident is a frightening experience. The personal injury attorneys at Bice Law, LLC can help you navigate the complex and confusing events that take place after an accident. Contact our offices today to consult with an experienced attorney about your injuries.

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