Families of School Shooting Victims Win Wrongful Death Suit

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Families of School Shooting Victims Win Wrongful Death Suit

Charlotte NC Wrongful Death Lawyer

Students at Virginia Tech will never be the same after the violent shooting that killed 30 people back in 2007. The university was sued by parents of the murdered students on a wrongful death claim. Had students been alerted immediately after the first shooting, lives could have been saved. There was a campus wide alert nearly 2 hours after the shooting began.

The President of the university states that he had not put out a warning in order to keep the panic to a minimum and notify the families of the first victims.

The school was found to have been negligent and each of the families has received a large settlement.

Since this incident, the school has updated their alert systems. Classrooms are now equipped with electronic bulletin boards that can flash emergency messages, as well as alerts that can be sent to staff and students computers and phones.

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Posted on behalf of Bice Law on March 26th, 2012.


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